Revive River! Reclaiming the Urban Water Cycle! 

M Arch Independant Thesis | Shortlisted Maison/0 Green Trail Award

For too long invisible infrastructures have shunned water away from cities in tandem with the collective consciousness for water. With sea levels rising, the threat of drought and a move of human-kind from the rural to the city, the way we deal with water in the city needs to shift; in climate crisis we can no longer design impermeable cities. England’s waterways are 86% poor under the EU Water Framework Derivative with the Thames river basin being the most polluted and over-abstracted river in the UK. Water in England is privatised and the value of water is commodified, however, its value stretches well beyond quenching the bodily thirst. Revive River recognises us all as stakeholders of water in the common future we face and looks at how we have a more tangible and hands on approach to the systems we encounter everyday.